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ART 275-3D Design


Project #5

Problem: Make a text sculpture consisting of 1 to 2 words (mayyyybe 3).  The word(s) you choose must have personal significance to you, the artist.


Concept: It is estimated that there are around 600,000 words in the English language. You are to choose just one or two that will represent who you are. Have a good reason!


Formal: Think about the different styles of typography and how they all communicate different things. Your typeface should inform the mood of your word, and it should speak to your concept. Consider using pre-existing fonts rather than freehanding the text. Remember this is a 3D project; don’t let your project fall flat! This is a text sculpture project and not a sculpture with text project.


Construction: You may use any material or process to create this piece. You can choose to use a process already covered in this class or something totally new.



This project will be graded based on the following criteria:





Text in contemporary sculpture

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